Ian Pfeiffer, MSN, BS
2018 New Grad RN applicant
Chicago, IL

Available for Hire

About Myself

My versatility is evident as I have worked in the Financial Industry, Manufacturing/Automation Industry, the Field of Law (specifically Family Law) and even as a Professional Photographer for my business I started shortly after graduating with a Bachelor's in Economics from Purdue University. I find shooting weddings to be my favorite subject, as it is most challenging but also the most rewarding of all photo services I provide.

My greatest endeavor, however, is to work with individuals desperately in need of healthcare, because as much as I enjoy all other fields of work, there is not a thing in this world that makes me happier than to see a stranger look up and smile because they feel the love and compassion that shines through even in the darkest of their times. Everyone will face sickness and death one day or another, and I aim to make sure they know I will do everything in my power to help them physically, mentally and emotionally. I want people to gain their health back, obtain knowledge for maintaining that level of health, and most of all, I want everyone to know that although I might be a stranger in their eyes at first sight - there is no doubt in their mind after we have met that they have gained a true friend who wants the absolute best for them, no matter the circumstances. 

Life can be so hard, so painful - we all know this even if we don't want to admit it. Many turn a blind eye to that fact and understandably so... still, if it is in my power, I want to fight for others when they can no longer fight for themselves or when no one else will... one "stranger" at a time.

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